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The story of the HUEX STUDIO and it’s team.

Huex Studio Blogger Abirame Ganeshamoorthy

Abirame Ganeshamoorthy

Content Writer

Who we are?

Story of the people who design experience.

We are a dream team, exploring experiences and impacting millions of users over the globe. People all over the world are allured by technology every day. Making every moment of their interaction a blissful and mutually convenient experience is what makes us ambitious.

Providing qualitative and quantitative services to all businesses and startups is our utmost priority. We are loyal and manifest a relationship of trust with our clients.

Our story

The birth of HUEX STUDIO

Our journey started just like yours did. It was a spark of passion which erupted the desires in us. We were dwelling in our world of doodles and art. Inspired and drawn in by a deeper purpose to achieve.

As a team, we were diverse and had a potent mixture of talents. Most significantly, all of us had a thirst for knowledge, hunting and researching on topics related to human psychology, social behavior and cognitive processes. Along with our networks, we were able to receive collaboration from the versatile IT industry.

Our skills and knowledge gained from our researches and experiments on human psychology bestowed on us an opportunity to make groundbreaking changes in User Experience design. At the dawn of 2019, we set out to embark on the journey of our passion. We started HUEX STUDIO, a company focused on elevating Human user experience.

Bringing a smile of satisfaction on the user’s face is our moment of success, their happiness is what matters the most to us.

Our family

The backbone of our success.

Our aspirations yield the power from design to mold user’s life from behind the screens. Our family is versatile with designers, developers, programmers, writers yet we are the same. Every website we design, every app we develop bears traces of our efforts and commitment.

We are determined, persistent, fueled with passion and inspiration, working round the clock to create a comfortable user-friendly environment and give users the best feeling. We love what we do and take pride in what we create.

Our culture

The backbone of our success.

HUEX STUDIO is not just a company but a place to call home, filled with hopes and dreams, laughter never ends. We do together best of all and cherish a bond for eternality.

We are empowered by our open culture.

- Equal power distribution

- Round table discussions

- Fun time

- Freedom of expression

Huex Studio Blogger Abirame Ganeshamoorthy

Abirame Ganeshamoorthy

Content Writer

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